Family Tree
I have finally finished researching the EARL family or
at least the direct male line that leads to me. The
results are interesting and span the period from the
10th century to the 20th century. The tree starts in
Norway and Normandy and ends in Birmingham,
I have also discovered that I am entitled to a Coat of
Arms !!!

I have not put my results as a download. However
interested parties should e-mail me using the button
below ( lions head ) indicating the file numbers of
interest and I will send them as an attachment by
return ( zip file ).

I have also access to the 1851 tri-county census ( Devon, Norfolk and Warwickshire ) and
the 1881 census for the whole of the UK ( excluding Ireland ). I am prepared to search these
databases if you send me relevant details. Results can be attached to a return e-mail. As my
time is limited I will not do more than a dozen searches per week, so first come first served.
Donations gratefully accepted. I can be bribed !!!

The files available are :-
1/ Full tree, historical notes, maps and pictures. 10th
century to present.
2/ Public tree, notes and maps. Not including living
3/ The early years. To 10th century ( incomplete ).
4/ John d' Earley II 1172 to 1230. Companion to
William Marshal. Notes, maps, castles and pictures.
Click on the d' Earley button below to read about
this great man